Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling Entrepreneur-ish

So here is my newest thing that has turned into a hobby for me. I decided to sell my sewing machine...but bought a sewing/embroidery machine combo a little over a month ago instead. It's so much fun. I can do some pretty cute stuff with monogramming and appliques. I decided to try some stuff out. Here's a few things I've made so far...

This A line dress I made from scratch. Found some pink gingham fabric, some white fabric for the lining inside, sewed it together, made some buttonholes and added the lollipop, buttons, bow and name.

 Flip Flop shirt I made Maddie. My first real try on the applique.
 Did some stuff for my mom too.
Another shirt I made for Madison. I'm working on a onesie for Landon and another style dress for Madison, too.
 I have a TON of thread, the machine, plenty of fabric, hundreds of free embroidery designs, and I can always buy more that are cheap. Here are some more I already have:

...and tons more that are so stinkin cute. So now the question is...should I try to sell stuff? I know a lot of people that do, whether through Facebook or Etsy. I was thinking of doing a couple different types of dresses, shirts, bloomers, burp cloths, bibs, aprons, etc. I LOVE doing it and I know I could make some good money once I got going, it's just starting out, establishing customers and taking the time to get things going. My friend has the same machine and sells the exact stuff I would make-she makes a couple hundred bucks a week. My only issue-I don't want it to take away time from my kids. We could definitely use the money but I'd have to prioritize. However, I do have a good bit of downtime during naps and after they go to bed. Plus, Madison is starting preschool in the Fall. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it out and see how it goes. I've also heard I may need a business license to sell. Anyone else have any advice/opinions/feedback? Anyone who knows me very well knows I am NO good at decisions like this! :)

Unless someone convinces me differently, right now I've just decided to take it easy and leave it as a hobby-I don't want to take the fun out of it. BUT if someone wants me to make them something I wouldn't be opposed to it! I really enjoy crafty stuff.


Amanda said...

You are getting so good! Seriously! I've looked into etsy and it appears that you have to pay to even post your items. But having a Facebook page would be free! Does your area have a Farmer's Market and could you get a booth? Are there any local baby boutiques that would sell your items? If you've got the time and energy, I would definitely try to sell stuff. And what kind of machine did you get/do you love it? I've got a handmedown (40 years old!) and Marshall has made it clear I can upgrade whenever I want.

Erin said...

Thanks Amanda! Yea I've thought about doing a page on facebook. That may be the route I go. I haven't looked into any boutiques or Farmer's Market, but that's a great idea. I got a Brother SE-400--I love it!! It's so easy, obviously I had to learn how to do it but that didn't take too long. It's the least expensive of the embroidery machines, plus it's a sewing machine, plus you don't have to have any expensive software to download the designs to the machine. It's one of the few that comes with a USB cable to hook up to your computer. I definitely recommend it! Got it refurbished off eBay.

Atlanta said...

Wow!! This stuff is SO good!!! :) I want to get into doing Applique stuff, but I think I need that machine you have. Is it easier? I did one the other day with just my plain old sewing machine, and it came out alright, but not great!

Erin said...

Thanks! Yes, much easier on an embroidery machine. I've tried doing appliques on just the sewing machine before too, and it was fine but didn't look as nice without the satin stitching around the outside.

Mary said...

I think you should make gifts and do orders for people you know to start with... that way you learn and get better without deadlines and shipping issues. You will have a better idea of what to charge and how long it will take you to do each item for later.

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