Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catching Up!

Got a lot of pictures to catch up on! I've been working on something else which I'll be sharing soon. For now here are just a few from our daily lives.

I absolutely cannot get a decent picture of Madison these days. She rarely likes having her picture taken, so that's why most in this post are of Landon! I got one of her sleeping on the way home from church though....I hate it when their necks do that.
 So sweet!
 Lazy morning

 Looking adoringly at his sister...he loves her.
 Swinging outside on the front porch with Daddy.
 Gagging on peas...anything with a different texture he gags on...such a little wimp! Then he laughs about it.
 McDonald's for lunch after playing at the park.
And a few videos. Landon trying to wake up and then trying to grab HALF of a yogurt melt. He can't handle it! He has a hard time trying to pick up finger foods. Gotta work on that pincer grasp!

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