Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maddie is 25 Months Old

I was debating over whether or not to do a monthly update after Madison turned 2, so I decided to just do a little because I want to remember what she was doing at this age. Although I guess I can't do this every month for the rest of her life :)

  • Madison is so much fun and such a big girl. She never has any accidents in her panties and is officially an old pro, even going potty in public. She knows that diapers are for babies like Landon and likes to change her own babies' diapers. She is such a sweetheart to Landon and will play with him, hold his hand, make him laugh, and try to console him if he ever gets upset. I LOVE how much they love each other and entertain each other. 
  • Madison is into pretending, movies, playing outside and on the playground, coloring, reading, stickers, baby dolls, and still loves princesses. She is also a pro at big kid puzzles that you have to fit together, not just put in the hole. Her teachers at church say she is a big helper and helps clean up.
  • She loves her teachers and classmates in Sunday School and prays for every one of them before bed each night. She also prays for our family and even Ben and Cooper at church. She LOVES reading Bible stories at bedtime each night and her favorite story is Noah and the ark. She loves the big boat and all the animals. She also requests to read about "the Giant" (Goliath). She sings a pretty good "Jesus Loves Me" and "This Little Light of Mine." 
  • She suddenly talks in ALL sentences. No more baby talk or words. Everything she says is in a complete, coherent sentence such as "I don't like it," "I don't need to go potty," "Wait Mommy, I'm coming," or "I'm playing with Mommy and Landon," and she greets strangers on the playground with "Hi, I'm Madison!" She loves to say her name, "Madison Evans." Daddy has a normal conversation with her on the phone each day. She likes to tell him what she did during the day and when she gets done, she says, "I love you, ok, bye, see ya!" She also constantly walks around asking people, "What are you doing?" We're also working on her being demanding though, too. Lately we are hearing a lot of "I want it NOW!" and slamming her hand on the table. (Yes, we are in the terrible two's at times) 
  • She has also started trying to stay up later at bedtime. She stalls by making things up that she has to go do, but really just wants to sit with us until she gets tired. I think she is beginning to have some separation anxiety because of that, but also because she cried when we dropped her off at Sunday School on Sunday morning-she's never had a problem with us leaving her EVER in her life! I was told she was fine once she got back there, so it looks like it is just a phase we'll have to get through.
I asked her to pose for me...
 and this is her imitation of Landon's pouty lip.

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