Monday, April 18, 2011

Landon is 7 Months Old

Landon, you turned 7 months old on Saturday! You spent the day watching your sister and cousins hunt for eggs at our family's easter egg hunt. You are getting so big and weigh over 19 pounds. You are in 6-9 or 9 month clothes. You still have your great grandpapa's crystal clear sky blue eyes and have more blonde hair growing in. It still looks a little dark because not all of the dark hair you were born with has fallen out. People are starting to say you either look like your Daddy or your Uncle Stephen. People call you such a beautiful baby and you definitely are!

You are very chill and happy, and so laidback, unless you get tired. You can still poke that bottom lip out for the world's best pout. You are the biggest momma's boy I've ever seen. You can be perfectly fine playing in your exersaucer until I walk by, then you start yelling at me to come get you. You love to cuddle and like to squeeze people by the neck (or face) and give slobbery kisses and sometimes try to suck off someone's face. You laugh a lot and squeak like a little squeaky toy. It's the cutest thing. You are a wonderful sleeper, sleeping around 12 hours with only a few peeps to put your paci back in. You take 2-3 naps a day, the middle one being the longest at a couple of hours.
You sit up great and roll super fast like your sister did. You do push-ups like you want to crawl, but you aren't crawling yet. You were a lot earlier in rolling than your sister was, but she was clapping and waving bye bye at this age, and you aren't. You just like to stare, laugh, smile, and grab everything in sight. It's amazing how different kids can be! You still don't have any teeth! Speaking of your sister, you still absolutely adore her. She is one of your favorite people and your face lights up and your feet start going crazy when she walks in the room.

You eat 3 meals a day and breastfeed 4 times a day. You love pretty much everything except peas. Your favorite thing to do lately is spit, and unfortunately that comes at eating time too. You show me your disgust by spitting them back out!
 And then playing with them...
 And wondering why I'm looking at you like that...
 We managed maybe half a bite down...
You are getting to be so much fun and can easily entertain yourself! You and your sister already play, "wrestle" on the floor, laugh at each other and pull hair. We love you so much, sweet boy!

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