Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of Pictures (and Spring Break)

I am way behind on posting pictures and I had so many to go through. This past week was Spring Break and Daddy got to spend a whole week with us at home! The kids got spoiled going to the park to play 4 days in a row...I have to admit, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to sleep in until 8, or even 9 some days!

Since Landon turned 6 months old, he has been doing great eating solids on a regular basis.
 We are also learning how to drink from a sippy cup. He's doing well, considering he never really took a bottle unless he was desperate.
 He is always in fun positions when I go into his room after naps and in the mornings. He's typically playing with his bear.
 Check out those arm "muscles"
 Quite the little ladies' man
 He's doing awesome at sitting up. He still loves the TV like a typical man.
 Still loving the exersaucer, too. Can you guess what he's doing here? Such a boy.
 It's hard work...we're not used to solids!
 Playing outside. Excuse Madison's panties (she hasn't learned how to be ladylike yet)
 But then again I take pictures of her in them. They both like to be "nakey." If Landon's nakey, then Maddie wants to get nakey.
 Fun at the Avenue. They have lots of fun statues.
 OK, here is Spring Break. Maddie has pretty much mastered every part of the playground.
 Daddy is so much fun to play with, we love you Daddy!
 Landon just liked being outside, watching Madison play, and going down some slides.
 Landon has already started instigating things. Pulling big sister's hair is always fun.
 But it goes both ways. The joys of a double stroller...
Madison decided she wanted to walk with us. She actually made it the whole way around. I don't know where she gets the energy!!

Landon also rode in the front of the buggy for the first time last week. He loved it! (and I promise Madison is just loving on him despite his face...notice I give the kids to Daddy and I get my own buggy)
 Waiting on Mommy to hurry up and finish shopping (I haven't shopped for myself in like a year at least)
 Maddie played on Daddy's new toy. Found some good educational apps for preschoolers, but also some fun coloring ones.
 "Hi duckies, how ya doin'??" -Madison
 Such a little cheeser
 Landon and his rolls were happy in the stroller.
 Poor Madison ate it up running on concrete...her face actually looked a lot worse than this. So we went to Yogli Mogli for the first time and it was so, so good!!
 We went to the Marietta Square to get ice cream another day. Maddie played on the choo choo train which had a fun bell and slide.
 She loves trains!
 The rest of the time we just played on the floor at home. Good quality family time.
 Love my little sweethearts!

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