Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our risen Savior. We read the Easter story to Madison and tried to really get her to understand the true meaning of Easter, that it's not just about the Easter bunny and candy! I can't believe this was our 3rd Easter with her. It amazes me that this was her 2 years ago...
Well this year we had an Easter Egg Hunt at my grandparent's house with cousins and family. Then we had church on Good Friday night, and then on Easter Sunday morning as always which was amazing!! I love being at my church each Sunday as it is, but our church always does such a wonderful job of putting together special programs, especially for people who show up only a couple times a year. I know lives were changed and hopefully people will want to come worship their Savior every week-especially after they see what an amazing sacrifice Jesus was and what He went through for us. It's the least we can do to show up for Him once a week.

After church Sunday morning with family, we all had lunch at church. It was fun being with my brother and his fiance Rachel, who were able to come. I'm still so excited to have her as my sister. My cousin Belinda who did our amazing family pictures took some engagement pictures of them. They were really good, but I have to say, my brother always makes things interesting. See for yourself here.

We headed over to my parents' house after naps/Easter basket on Sunday and dyed Easter eggs with Grandmommy and Lito, and Madison got to hunt eggs again. Landon had a great day too, just sitting around and playing! It was a fun day, and we are so blessed to spend it with family and friends.

This is Audrey-Madison's BFF from church, born March 3, so 2 weeks older. They have always been the same exact size, down to the pound! They love each other.
 Landon wanted to eat an egg-but he still has no teeth, poor baby!
 Excited, ya think?
 Showing off her eggs.
 Stomping the ants in her Easter dress-a favorite pastime.
 (Aunt) Rachel and Uncle Stephen. He likes to pose for pictures.
 Loving dying eggs!
 Polka dot egg!

 My happy boy.
 Another egg hunt.
 Daddy pretended to take an M&M away from her. Wow. Caught that look on camera!
 Resting with my girl after a fun day.
Some videos from the day:

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