Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Madison's 2 Year Check Up

Madison went to the doctor yesterday for her 2 year check up. The doctor said she was perfect as always, and the best part was no shots! She did have her toe pricked to check for anemia though, but she just watched and was very interested. The nurse had to prick it twice to get enough blood out, and even with the squeezing Madison didn't seem to care. She was more interested in the band aid which had the Tasmanian devil on it (which described her perfectly yesterday-not necessarily the devil part, but just how hyper and wild she was, she even sounded like the Tasmanian devil at one point). Her iron levels came out normal at 12.5.

23 lbs. (7%) (Although we had to ask the nurse to weigh her twice, there was several pounds difference the first time-I think it's time they get digital scales instead of the old fashioned ones! Who knows! Closer to 24 at home)
34 in. (50%) Dr. said age 2 is a good predictor of adult height-she should be about 5'5" one day (she'll have a few inches on me at least!)
46 cm head (25%) This is funny to me since Landon's head at 6 months a week or so ago was 45 cm...(75% for him!)

I find it funny that she has gone from 75% in weight to 7%. I guess that's what happens when you start walking at 9 months, eat super healthy, and are super hyper like your Daddy. (Although I have to remind myself that she was only 6 lbs. 7 oz. at birth too) Of course she may be getting genetics from my side of the family- my mom informed me that she weighed around 40 pounds in the first grade (and maybe 105 on her wedding day? Sorry if I'm sharing all your secrets Mom!) I was very similar, it was hard for me to get above 108 pounds for the longest time awhile back. Must have been nice to have that problem then! Good grief. Oh well, 2 babies are so worth it!

Anyways the doctor says she's great and perfectly healthy. At age 2 they need to be into potty training and sleeping in a toddler bed. We already have both of those covered so we are good to go! The doctor was very impressed that she was in her big girl panties since 22 months, even at night. He gave her a pretty purple necklace on the way out which she was very excited about. She had spotted them next to the usual stickers and said "Thank You" to him in the sweetest way. I think this was probably the best doctor's visit we've had with her. Not just because of the (lack of) shots, but because she was happy and cooperated (even after having woken her up after a 30 minute nap). It's only taken 2 years! haha

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