Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Madison Turns 2!!

Saturday was a bittersweet day when our baby girl turned 2. She seems so big all of a sudden. This birthday hit me harder than her first birthday did for some reason. I guess it's because she talks like such a big girl and acts like it too. She is such a blessing to us and I cannot believe 2 years have passed since I first held her in my arms.
The magnolia tulip tree that always blooms the week of her birthday was beautiful for her big day. It always reminds me of when we brought her home and my mom took a picture of us in front of it. I hate that it doesn't bloom for long and I always get sad when the petals fall off, but I guess it blooms just for Madison.
March 2011
March 2009
Since her birthday fell on a Saturday, we were able to have her party the same day. We had so many people crammed in our house, but it was so nice to see how many people love her and care about her. We had close to 40 people. Unfortunately, Madison didn't get a chance to visit with everyone who came to see her on her special day since she was being hogged a lot. I am thinking next birthday we are going to have to divide it up between families and friends. It was such a beautiful day but got hot inside with all the people! Madison had a great time seeing her little friends and opening gifts, and she finally got her cupcake that she had been begging for all day! She loves blowing out candles, but I guess got nervous with all the people singing to her that she wouldn't blow out her number 2 candle. She got some awesome presents including some Sketchers Twinkle Toes which she wore all day at church the next day, a pretty Disney princess backpack, and a baby Cinderella doll with a stroller (put together--thanks Mary!)

I decided to take on another sewing project and make Madison's dress (except the ladybug-a friend embroidered that on for me). She had matching ladybug earrings too.

Cousin Scarlett being sweet!
 New backpack
 Probably the best picture of her actually smiling--of course it's with Grandmommy
 Zaxby's, chips and salsa, and my grandmother's awesome cheeseball and crackers! (Plus red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing)
 with Devyn and Braelyn--all 3 two year olds had just woken up and didn't want to pose for pictures!
 lots of presents
 The 4 of us
  She likes to sing Happy Birthday, but now everyone was singing it to her! She wasn't sure what to think.
 Like a true little girl, she ate just the icing off the cupcake
 Keegan came to play! (and Kayson was there in utero)
He wanted to share his thumb with Landon. They are only 4 months apart. I smell trouble coming in a few years.
Keegan really likes Madison too. At least he liked petting her face which she just laughed at.

 These 3 all LOVE baby dolls and strollers
Pushing her baby outside. Wearing her twinkle toes.
 Uncle Stephen came in for his niece's birthday. He got a workout holding his nephew, though. Future Aunt Rachel wasn't able to make it. Unfortunately her dad had a heart attack Thursday night and he was being woken up from a coma. SO scary. We are praying for him to make a full recovery. So far I think he is doing well. Please keep them in your prayers.
 Landon had to have a little catnap--apparently he had had as much socializing as a man can take.

Now, on to the actual 2 year old:

-Madison, at 24 months you are close to 24 pounds. Your checkup isn't until next week. You are in 2T clothes and size 5 shoes (not a whole lot has changed since last month.)

-You are as sweet as can be, giving hugs and kisses without being asked. You have even said "I love you too, Grandmommy" and say I love you quite a lot to us.

-You love playing outside, watching Caillou and Mickey Mouse, coloring, shoes, and baby dolls.

-You love going to church, you can say your own blessing before eating and prayer before going to bed, and get excited and ask for Grandmommy and "Fito" whenever we're going to church since they're always there too (as well as Grandmama and "Papa" and your friend Audrey.)

-You like to dress yourself and do a pretty good job at it, as well as undressing yourself. You have some princess pj's that you rarely want to take off.

-You are a very good, obedient, polite girl saying "mam" and "sir" to us, but we are beginning to see some terrible two's every once in awhile too. (Mostly when you are tired or hungry) I have seen you throw yourself on the floor and cry, scream what you want if you haven't gotten your way, and say "NO!" to us.

-You love to count and spell your name. You start "writing" on paper and spell out loud "M...D...I..S..O..N......" and then more letters. Sometimes it varies, and even though you can't spell it completely right you eventually say all the letters!

-You're still very independent and like to do things yourself.

-You are very specific about what you want, especially when it comes to what you want to eat or drink or which color you like, etc.

-You love helping me with your baby brother, being a little mommy to him and giving him toys to play with. You've even helped feed him some food before too.

-You love to get out and go places, and will often walk towards the door with your stuff and say "bye bye, see ya." When asked where you're going, you will reply "WalMart!" Wow...classy :)

-You can sit and watch an entire movie now. We have gotten out all of Mommy's and Uncle Stephen's old Disney movies. You will sit and watch the entire thing and really get into it, and even say "Uh oh" at a lot of parts. You especially love Beauty and the Beast. We thought you would get scared at the Beast, but instead you turned around and starting growling and roaring at us!

-You can be very girly and prissy at times, but you are a tomboy at heart. You love your pink stuff and clothes and jewelry and play lipstick, but you are also a fast runner, good kicker, and have some mean little calf muscles! You love to wrestle with Daddy.

-You are a wonderful sleeper which I am so thankful for. You go to bed around 7:30 and sleep about 12 hours without a peep. You take 1 nap during lunchtime, for an hour and a half.

-You still don't eat much, but you are a very healthy eater.

Maddie, you bring so much joy to our lives and make us laugh on a daily basis. You have such a feisty little personality and we love you so much!! What a wonderful 2 years!

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