Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I LOVE how much these two are really enjoying each other. Landon absolutely lights up when he sees Madison. He immediately starts trying to grab her and they laugh and smile at each other. (He has, however, pulled out her hair a few times)

Eating her Barbie. (Her hand is right there trying to grab it as she's saying "Mine! Mine!" Sharing is a hard concept to learn.
I made Madison a little Valentine's Day skirt just for fun. It literally only took me a few minutes, since I have other projects in the works.
She was trying to model it for me.

Sweet cuddly baby!
Brad was trying to get a picture of all his rolls at once. He has them all over, the picture just doesn't do it justice :)
Not a very good picture, but she wanted to be all decked out in pink. Pink bow, pink purse, pink shirt. I resisted the pink tights too.
This is going down to the garage going bye-bye. She likes to grab her purse and say "bye-bye kisses!" (give everyone kisses including Landon) and walk towards the door and try to leave.

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