Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Pictures by Belinda Lea Photography

My cousin Belinda is a pretty amazing photographer and is a lot of fun. I decided we needed to get some family pictures done since we haven't gotten any since becoming a family of 4! We went to a park and had a blast and my wonderful Aunt Vicki helped us out with the kids while we got different shots. I am so happy that we did it the day we did, because the next Sunday morning at church Madison fell off of a little riding toy and cut her lip open with her was all bloody and swollen and looked pretty rough on the outside (the inside looks much better, thankfully no stitches were needed!) So, perfect timing there! My favorite picture of the kids is at the top of the blog-I'm always changing it up since I get bored so easily-but I love that picture of my babies!

Anyways here are a few of my favorites-all 172 are posted on Facebook if anyone wants to see more. Thanks Belinda!!

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