Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Months Old

Landon, you are 5 months old today! Time just keeps going by faster and faster. You are developing such a cute little personality which reminds us of your sister. You have started your little fake cough/laugh that she also did. You enjoy doing this in your crib and everywhere else. You love to spit and say "Blahhh" quite often. You are quite the little grunter, too (I'm not just talking about when you're working on something either!) You love to kick like you are going somewhere, and we hear you kick in your crib sometimes from downstairs, which brings back memories of your sister's loud kicking. You are still such a little roly poly and oh so cuddly. You are a momma's boy which is so nice, and you will suck off anyone's face who gets close enough. I like to think of it as kisses but we all know everything just goes in your mouth! You are able to sit up by yourself for a few seconds but then fall over. You still adore your sister, but I think she has become more of your play object recently. Anytime you get in close enough range from her, you start going after her trying to grab her or her hair. It's so funny to see because you don't do it to anyone else. You always smile or laugh at her the most too. You sleep about 12 hours at night and are able to go all night without eating, but I have to get up and put your paci in several times if I don't feed you. You love your baths and you love having your diaper changed. You are so ticklish and giggle all the time. You have discovered how tasty your toes are and you love your tongue. There aren't many pictures I can get that don't have your tongue sticking out! One more month and you will be halfway to 1!

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