Sunday, February 20, 2011

23 Months Old!

 Madison turned 23 months old this weekend. We had a super busy weekend so this is the first chance I've gotten to update. Madison, this is the last month I'll be updating before your big 2nd birthday! You are such a big girl and already seem like a 2 year old. You are completely potty trained and like to do everything on your own.If you want someone's attention, you will grab their face by the chin, turn them towards you and say their name--you know how to get the attention you want for sure! Your favorite people are all your grandparents, you just don't want Mommy and Daddy when they are around. Your absolutely favorite shows are Caillou and Mickey Mouse. Mommy is so sick of them but I am so glad that warmer weather is coming so we can play outside during the day more! I am looking forward to more trips to the park because that is one of your favorite things to do too! You know your colors and can do some counting, already saying that you are 2, and always ask for your food in 2's (2 chicken nuggests, 2 cookies, etc.) You love to pretend to write your name and can write a pretty good M. I love how well you communicate to us, talking in sentences and rarely saying something we don't understand. You are SO much fun and are an absolute joy to be around. I love spending all day with you and your brother who you absolutely love. You are such a little mommy to him too. You love to pretend with your own babies, copying everything I do with Landon. I have found you in your room with your own baby in Landon's bathtub, pretending to rub your shampoo on her head. You LOVE playing in your bath and will stay in there until you are all wrinkly. You are such a beautiful little petite girl, in 2T clothes and about 23 pounds at 23 months (you tend to keep your weight up with each month!) Here are some of the latest pictures of you, from our family photoshoot we had done (more of those to come later!)
You are SO full of life
So much like your Daddy
 and oh so sweet.

Next month: the big 2!!

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