Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sick! (Update)

Well Brad is better, I'm much better, but Madison and Landon both have snotty noses and icky (productive) coughs still. I've been worried about Landon being so little and getting sick, especially since he was running a fever every night, one time it getting up to over 101. I called the nurse line for advice and they told me to just come on in this morning. So I packed the kids up after rolling out of bed early this morning and took them to the doctor for his appointment. He's had so many symptoms including a little bit less of an appetite but he still weighed in at 16 lbs. even. (I find it funny that my kids who are 17, almost 18 months apart are in the same size diaper now-ha.) Anyways I've had RSV in the back of my mind this whole time since he had the symptoms except difficulty breathing. Only once did he choke and gag when he coughed stuff up. The good news is it's all upper respiratory stuff, just a cold. There's not anything I can give him being so young so I just have to use saline drops and suction his nose out for him, poor baby. However RSV is going around and I have to keep a close eye on him if his chest rattles when he breathes. There's a chance this could be the beginning of it, but I was told he sounded and looked perfect. As for Maddie, I can at least give her some Triaminic or something similar for her cough. Overall today has been a good day so far, both are napping at the same time which is wonderful (compared to the other night when both were crying at 4:30am at the same time and I was up 8 times!) Please pray everyone gets better soon so we can be normal again! 

They're both just pitiful looking!

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