Friday, January 21, 2011

Sew Much Fun

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to find a hobby/learn something new-so I decided to teach myself how to sew, since apparently it's the new thing to do-at least among moms with younger kids. My wonderful hubby let me get an awesome sewing machine which I love. It does everything!
 My messy workspace...going to have to clean that up!

I'm all about saving money, whether it be shopping at consignment shops, using coupons, cloth diapering, making my own baby food, and in this case, buying some cheap fabric and sewing my kids some clothes! Sadly I am one of the cheapest people I know, but I especially find it very hard to spend a lot of money on kids' clothes, since they grow out of them so fast.

I sewed a heart applique from some fabric I bought onto one of Madison's shirts a few weeks ago which I thought looked cute, so then I decided to make her a pillowcase dress. Except I made it more complicated because I didn't actually use a pillowcase. I found some fabric I liked, measured her, and sewed it together. It was so easy and so much fun. I added some ribbon and some elastic in the top casing and then had to take it in even more because she is so tiny-so narrow. An actual pillowcase would have swallowed her up. The best thing about it is that when she outgrows it as a dress, she can wear it as a long shirt one day.

I had so much fun, I decided to make some matching bloomers with her initial on her bottom-a must for a girl her age!

And we can't forget a matching bow-I just tried to figure out how to make it by myself in about 5 minutes...can you tell? haha
I used the pink polka dot fabric and some blue ribbon.
 This is her "posing" for me when I asked...


Amanda said...

You did great! I'm learning how to sew, too. Did you use a pattern for the pillowcase dress or just figure it out? There are so many blogs with tutorials these days!

Erin said...

Thanks, Amanda! No, I didn't use a pattern, I actually just googled pillowcase dress and I had several sites/blogs come up. The main directions I followed were from a pdf file from, but then I just kind of picked and chose a few things differently.

Mandy said...

Awesome! I have thought about trying a pillow case dress for some friends, but wasn't sure if it was too hard. I am also about to try the applique too! I figured out the stitch, just dont have anything to try it on yet! You did a great job on that dress!!!

Kathleen said...

that is so cute!!!!!

Mandy Zadoorian, Writer, Website Logo/Banner Designer, Self-Improvement Expert said...

A friendly face from The Blog Frog…I started the discussion, “Share your Blog and Link” and stay true to my word. Going around to all bloggers that replied to check out their Blogs and follow. Adorable blog freakin' cute!
I'm now a follower of yours! I’ll be back soon and nice to meet you!
Please stop by and visit!

Erin said...

Thanks Kathleen and both Mandys! @ Mandy F.-You've done a great job with the blankets I've seen on facebook :) For appliques, I've just found some plain shirts at Walmart or in a pack, depending on what you want. I know you can find some plain ones at consignment shops for cheap, too! I'm trying to think of some cute boy things to do for Landon, although I might try a blanket too.

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