Thursday, January 27, 2011

Parenting FAIL.

As embarrassed as I am to blog about this, I must record every memory my children make for me...don't laugh at me. Ok so maybe it's not that funny but I still want to remember it one day.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch nursing Landon and Madison was running around the house playing, half naked, running her mouth, etc. like she usually is. Lately she likes to open and close all the doors and we have those safety doorknob covers on some of them but not all. Anyways she ran into the bathroom and locked it. (She can lock doors, just not unlock them.) I knew it was going to happen one day, and of course yesterday was the day. I hear her yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" I of course tell her to hold on, I'm feeding the baby, etc. A few minutes lately I'm still hearing her in there, banging on the door and yelling "Help! Help! Help!" over and over, like the typical toddler broken record. I decide I've gotta go rescue her, so I have to cut Landon's feeding short so he only got half a feeding and laid him on the floor. After trying to tell Madison to unlock the door the same way she locked it, she couldn't do it and just started panicking and crying...after all, she was stuck in there with the POTTY! (potty training stories are for another day.) We have those key things that open up locked doors through the tiny hole in the outside, but I didn't know exactly where ours was so I tried some other little things but nothing worked. Last resort to get the crying kid out of the bathroom, I took off the whole doorknob. But then Madison pulled out the other side of it and it dropped on the floor and it made her scream even more...she kept trying to put it back in the whole every time it fell back out. This whole time Landon is laying on the floor screaming and grunting because the chunky butt can't seem to remember how to roll back over on his back. He can easily roll onto his belly which he does immediately but we can't keep him that way. He keeps faceplanting into the carpet while Madison is having a panic attack near the potty. And I couldn't remember how to open the door..I was feeling like an awesome mom right then, for sure! Anyways I called Brad and all he could do was laugh at me because I had taken off the doorknob. (Although he was impressed at my handy [wo]man skills.) He also happened to have one of his supervisors standing right there when I called. (But I think he was laughing too.) I ended up having to send him a picture and as soon as he called me back I figured it out and opened the door...he then lectured me on where the little key was to open it. Oh well, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do, as quick as possible when a kid is in panic mode. In fact, right after that I wanted to lock MYSELF in the bathroom, away from the little humans (this is a recurring wish of mine each day, actually. But I do love them very much.)

So now I know where the key is if this ever happens again. Madison got lectured on how to unlock a door (or not lock it at all). And to quit being such a drama queen. Landon needs help rolling his fat gut over. (He did get to finish eating afterward) I now know how to take off a doorknob if I ever need to. Moral of the story? Spend the next day eating a roll of cookie dough during kids' naptime blogging about your pathetic life. You'll feel better.


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Poor thing!! I would not even know how to take the knob off if that happened. This is why Scott makes us keep our little keys on the door frame above the door. Glad you got her out! :)

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