Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Months Old!

Landon, you turned 4 months old yesterday! We had a busy day  at church in the morning and evening. We thought you weighed about 17 pounds yesterday, until you had your biggest blowout of all time in the church nursery when Mommy came to feed you. I think you lost a half pound all the way up your back to your neck...yikes! Thankfully I brought a spare outfit! You will have your 4 month check up this week.

You love rolling onto your tummy now. Every time I put you on your back at playtime you always roll onto your tummy. I think you have forgotten how to roll back onto your back though, because you get really frustrated. You are so ticklish and everyone always comments on how you just smile all the time. You are really the happiest baby ever. You love grabbing toys and sitting up with our help.

We've had to limit your paci use lately because you became very dependent on it at night. It would fall out and you would wake up every time for us to put it back in, even if it was every couple of hours. We let you fuss one time for about 10 minutes, and now you have learned to go to sleep on your own! You still use your paci for naptime though, or if you're just a little fussy. You've been working on your thumb a lot, too.

You still have a good bit of dark hair but there is more and more blonde coming in underneath. Your eyes are as blue as ever and you have such sweet, rolly thighs. You are so sweet and I couldn't ask for a better baby!

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