Wednesday, January 19, 2011

22 Months Old!

Madison you are 22 months old today! That means in 2 months you will be 2 years old! You are the happiest, sweetest, loudest little munchkin ever, who never runs out of energy. That would be the best way to describe you, I think. You LOVE to do everything by yourself, exclaiming "Me do it!" and sometimes you'd rather me or Daddy do something and say "No, Mommy do it." You're pretty bossy at times but we've started giving you choices on things and that's definitely helped. "Mine" is another favorite word, even if it's something that belongs to your brother. You like to play the piano and often say "Yay ME!" after everything you do, especially when you go on the potty. You can walk up and down the stairs all by yourself, holding onto the rail, saying "big girl!" at the same time. You also can dress and undress yourself, but you do a better job of undressing! We have started counting to 3 when you are in trouble which worked pretty well until recently, when we say 1 and you exclaim "2, 3!!!" You're pretty hard to resist even though you have some tantrums occasionally. You love to sing, especially to Landon when he is not happy-it is so sweet. You also love to do "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." You love watching Caillou on TV even though he gets on Mommy's nerves. Your favorite book is "Go, Dog, Go"-you want to read it 5 times in a row. You are very scheduled in your day now, except for Sundays at church. You wake up at 7:30 on the dot each morning, take a nap at 12:30-2, then go to bed at 7:30-7:45. You are an apple juice junkie, demanding it from the time you wake up, to every time we're in the car, and with every meal. You still love your green veggies over everything else but will pretty much eat anything still. I am very thankful for that! You're wearing some 2T clothes, almost outgrowing your size 5 shoes, and you're still our little petite princess weighing in around 22-23 pounds.

So, without further ado, here is our little Stevie Wonder...

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