Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 (A Long Post!)

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating Christ's birth. It was so much fun now that Madison is older and was able to open her own gifts. She was a blast and had a great time, and I just loved watching her more than anything! Landon just sat around being cute, that's what he does best!

On Christmas Eve-Eve, we had my family's big get-together. We piled into my grandparents' house, ate, read the Christmas story out of the Bible, opened presents, then sang Christmas hymns. Madison had a blast playing with cousins, even piling on top to wrestle the big boys.

On Christmas Eve, we went to our church's candlelight service. There is no child care during this service, so both kids were with me and my parents and brother (Brad was running sound). It was hard work keeping Madison quiet and still. The kids got flashlights instead of candles which she played with the entire time. During the singing, she sang at the top of her lungs all the gibberish she could think of. She even got to pet a sheep. Later on we had supper and presents with Brad's parents and brother. Madison got plenty of stuff to keep her busy for awhile!

On Christmas Day, Madison had us up early as usual. She was a lot of fun opening all her presents again and was so funny about how Santa had eaten all the cookies and drank the milk. After presents and breakfast, we headed off to my parent's house for more presents and a Christmas lunch, which my grandparents came to as well. Madison played in the snow at my parent's house (video below) and then we headed on down to Newnan to be with Brad's side of the family for more presents. Unfortunately we had to leave early due to the icy roads, but had a great time anyways!

 Later on Madison went outside and played in the snow. We got close to 4 inches here! I'm so happy that Landon's first Christmas was a white Christmas. It was so beautiful.

Sunday we had planned on going to church, but it turned out to be a "worship in your own homes" day. Church was canceled due to the icy roads so it was really weird being at home on a Sunday morning. Landon decided he liked playing with and grabbing his toys, as well as playing in Madison's old exersaucer. He also had fun making faces in the video.

We had a great Christmas and are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. But most importantly, we are so thankful for God's gift of love to the world, Jesus.

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