Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Happenings & Wordless Wednesday

December is our BUSY month. That is when our calendar is all marked up, and lately it seems we have something everyday. Fun stuff, but so much planning ahead can be stressful at times! Our lives consist mostly of church events-bazaars, parties, rehearsals, etc. Sunday I had the privilege of playing Mary in our huge church Christmas program in front of almost 2000 people...and Landon was baby Jesus! (A very large, 15 pound baby Jesus who didn't want to be swaddled.) He did great, except after me holding him for almost 4 hours I think he was tired of it. He had 2 cases of hiccups, including at the very end when it was quiet and they were driving him crazy! As stressful as the day was (total of 2 hours of being in the car to and from church) and being at church 7 hours (which means Madison was in the nursery for that long), I still feel very honored to have possibly played in a part in at least 6 people accepting Christ that night. According to my mom, a man who hadn't been going to church in years decided to return as well. That morning was our world mission offering, and our church gave well over the goal of $350,000 to missions in one day which was awesome! Overall it was a great day!

Monday I got to hang out with a good friend at a fun gingerbread house making party, and meet some new friends as well. It's so nice to meet girls my own age in the same life stage, those with kids as well. Here's my house which I ran out of time making so I didn't get to finish before the contest started!
Tuesday I went to my Uncle Joe's surprise 50th birthday party. It was a lot of fun with a yummy cake from McEntyre's. There were 6 little bitty kids and babies there which of course made it lively :) Unfortunately Madison had come down with pink eye that morning and it got progressively worse by that evening. I assume it's from being in the nursery so long Sunday, I don't know where else she would have gotten it. Let's just say she looked rough! Good news is I had some eye drops from the last time she had it, so I was able to start her on them right away. She looks 10 times better now and I think it's pretty much gone in just the 1 day she's been on them.

Brad attacking Joe-love it
Today (Wednesday) Brad was home from work at 9am. He wasn't feeling too good so we just had a lazy day. I got out to the grocery store with Landon to escape the sick people! I spent way too much money on food I don't need (still trying to lose the rest of this baby weight!) Landon was asleep in his carrier the whole time and I was able to take my time. It was nice going to the store for once without people constantly stopping me telling me how beautiful Madison's hair is!

We're working on Christmas shopping and getting Christmas cards sent out too, so I'm still a little stressed. I've done all my shopping online so far and through Ebates I've already made just under $20 and I'm still not done!! So I'm pretty pumped about that. We still have more Christmas parties and "busyness" coming up, so our holiday festivities are far from over!

Well I know I posted a bunch of videos of Landon yesterday, but today is just a bunch of different "Landon faces."

And as I was writing this post, (yes, I just wanted to make this post ridiculously long-if there's anyone still reading) this was my view-someone was playing peekaboo with me!

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