Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Someone is finally enjoying his swing and likes to stare at the little animals on the tray. They're his buddies. Although he's been having to fight off big sister who likes to put HER babies in the swing instead.

Yikes. Poor baby is looking rough with a scratched up nose from playing hard in Sunday School and some black crayon. Instead of getting mad, I decided to take a picture because I'm sure one day when we have bigger issues to deal with, I'll miss moments like these. But she did get a talk about coloring on things besides paper...

In honor of Election day, Landon sported his elephant shirt. Didn't really plan it, but it worked out. (However standing in line to vote for an hour and a half with 2 little kids is no fun, especially out in the cold wind...)

Our long, lean supermodel. She's obviously a little self-conscious of her weight.

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