Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lots of pictures...I hate that so many of them are blurry, but when you have a toddler that never stops moving that's what you get!
The bow stayed in for a few...seconds
 Blue eyed baby
 3 of the 5 boys in our family this Fall...Levi-5 weeks, Landon-7 weeks, Joshua-3 weeks. Bennett has arrived since then, now we're just waiting on Adam!!
 Maddie got new bedding for her toddler bed-ladybugs and flowers.
 But she had more fun in the box it came in.
 Posing in Daddy's shoes.
 You can't see me!
 Sweet boy
 "Talking" to me.
 Someone is wearing big girl panties-pink leopard print.
 Happy boy when being held and facing out to see everything!
 My babies
 Typical-1 smiling, 1 moving

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HelenClyde said...

Ahh, the pic of the three little boys is awesome! What a joy they can grow up so close in age!

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