Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Much To Be Thankful For

We have so much to be thankful for, especially with another little blessing this year. (Although I don't think I want to keep up the pattern of 1 more kid each year...ha!) God has blessed us so much, so much more than we could ever deserve. I know I don't deserve anything God has given me, but I am so thankful He loves me. We had a great day with family and yummy food. We decided not to get up early and brave the crowds for Black Friday, but we did go after lunch and did a few hours worth of shopping after we decorated the house. Madison had fun helping us decorate and Landon liked staring at all the pretty lights.

Traveled a whole 8 minutes to my grandparents' house. Madison wanted to play cards with the cousins.
We went to Newnan to be with our other side of the family. Mary got some goods pictures/videos here. Thanks Mary!
Cousins Madison and Scarlett sweet!
Black Friday morning. Landon loves his big sister. (He really does!)
Landon's "My First Christmas" outfit from our SS teacher Aunt Michelle :) Should fit him perfectly at Christmas!

Little elf!

 Would have been a prettier picture if someone hadn't been moving!

With Aunt this picture!
So Landon FINALLY got to meet his Uncle Stephen!
Big boy!
He knows Karate already.

After doing a little decorating. We still hadn't put up all 4 stockings but everything else was done. I think Landon sleeping in the swing adds a nice touch, ha!
Scarlett and Madison playing with swords!

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