Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 Months

I have been slacking this weekend but we've been so busy. Brad wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie and so we had my parents babysit. It was a pretty long movie so it was kind of a test to see how Landon would do without Mommy! I found an old manual pump and pumped him a bottle for when I was gone for 4 hours. He finally took it when my mom gave it to him but let's just say he was pretty angry about it! No more bottles for him, too much trouble!

Anyways Madison turned 20 months old on Friday. Only 4 more months until she's 2 really makes her seem so big! I feel like we were just having her first birthday party. She's into everything like a typical toddler but it is still so sweet. She loves baby brother and imitates everything I do like a little mommy. She feeds her babies, changes their diapers, burps them, and even puts them in the swing. She still doesn't show much jealousy towards Landon when Brad and I have him, but when Grandmommy and Lito try to pick him up, she flips out and insists that they pick her up instead-I guess they belong to her, not Landon! She's pretty obsessive about "Mamie" and constantly asks for "Frito" even when he's not here. (We love the name Frito-haha) She loves to use her cell phone and call "Joe" who is our music minister at church (my mom's boss and my former babysitting boss).

She is in the naked phase right now. If she is at home, she refuses to wear any clothes! She asks to take everything off or just does it herself...I'm lucky if she will keep her diaper on too!
She sings her own made-up songs and pretty much says just about anything. Her favorite words right now are "Me" and "No" (not in a disrespectful way though). We hear "Yay me!" a lot when she is proud of herself. She's finally starting to gain weight again I think, but still only weighs about 22.5 pounds. Her favorite thing to do right now is color or go outside.

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Kathleen said...

i love Frito! thats hilarious! wonder if it will stick???

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