Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on Ben

Today was an amazing day, and I am even more in awe of God's grace and healing. Ben is now in rehab, off his ventilator, without a tube in his brain, breathing on his own, swallowing juice on his own, smiling, and even comprehending and talking to others. He is an absolute MIRACLE and shows just how awesome God is. We had the opportunity to go see him today. Brad saw him at his worst, connected to a bunch of tubes, swollen, and in a coma a few days ago. But today he looked completely normal and I just cannot believe how quickly he has gotten to this point. What's amazing is that the nurse told us that most people who have traumatic brain injuries and brain surgery stay in the PICU for a least a month. Then they usually fail taking out the ventilators and such several has not even been a week since Ben's accident and he is already in recovery...praise God! I know that it is the result of a merciful God who has spared him to do great things and bring glory to Him in all of this, as well as thousands of people praying for him. Through facebook, it has been amazing to see everyone spreading the word about Ben, people who don't even know him praying for him, and people just copying the updates for all their friends to see. It has spread like wildfire and I know that the Sparks family is so grateful for all the prayers and support from friends, family and church family. Even the amount of food they were brought in the hospital was amazing!

We had a great visit with Ben today, and I know Brad was so excited to get to see and talk to him. He remembered Brad's name when he walked in and held his hand. He kept wanting to talk to Brad and just smiled, watching him. I think it is a little frustrating for him to remember some words, and his vocal cords are a little damaged from the ventilator, but he was able to whisper some words, although some were a little slurred. They said because of the contusions on his brain, he can't remember some words, but should improve as they heal.

It was so sweet to see him with his 2 sisters also. He held their hands, rubbed their faces and of course got kissed on by them. They told him how his high school had been praying for him and honoring him by cutting his number 5 in the baseball field and dedicating their football game to him, which they won. When he heard all that he broke down crying. The most touching part to me was when his best friend Cooper came to see him though. He kept asking Brad when Cooper was coming over and over again. When he finally got there, he hugged him for several minutes and broke down crying again. His heartrate even went from about 50 to 100! It was so sweet, I stood there tearing up myself, along with a few other friends, even grown men crying! He is such a sweet kid and I am so thankful he is doing so well. He will be in therapy to work on his speech for a few days I believe.

Through Ben's accident, I know of 7 high school football players that heard his story and received Christ as their Lord and Savior. I know Ben will be so excited to hear that, he is such an awesome young man of God. Even though this accident was scary and rough for him and his family, God's glory has been and will be shown through it. Praise the Lord he is recovering so well! We love him so much and can't wait to see him at church again soon.

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