Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treating, Part 1

Yesterday we went to the annual trick or treating at my dad's work. I was going to be creative in the kids' costumes and put something together myself, but ended up finding some stuff they had already been given. Madison was a little Falcons cheerleader and Landon was a teddy bear--very fitting for him at least. So we got by this year for free! I look forward to her actually choosing what she wants to be in the future though. Madison seemed to get the hang of it more than she did last year, and actually enjoyed getting candy in her little bucket. It got so full that she had a hard time carrying it because it was so heavy. Landon decided to sleep through his first trick or treating experience but woke up at the end in time to make some funny faces. We are going to our church's Fall Festival on Sunday and then doing more trick or treating that evening for Halloween, so he will have a chance to experience it then I guess. We're looking forward to more fun!
All tuckered out from the day, asleep on Daddy.

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