Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Even if you don't know him, please keep Ben Sparks in your prayers today. Ben is a freshman in high school at our church and is a good friend of Brad's-they talk pretty often. He has an amazing, godly family that we've known for so long. Brad was on his way to watch his baseball game last night when he got a call that Ben had been taken to Kennestone hospital. Ben was pitching during batting practice and a line drive hit him in the temple. He immediately started having convulsions. He was then life flighted to Scottish Rite. He underwent surgery and they found that a skull fracture had severed a blood vessel in his brain. We found out today that the bleeding is gone but the contusions need to be monitored. He is still heavily sedated but doctors plan on waking him up tomorrow. Brad went to Scottish Rite last night with over 40 people there praying for him. He is so loved and is such a good, sweet kid who has a heart for God. Please take a few minutes today to say a prayer for him, his family, and the doctors. They are specifically asking for prayer that he doesn't get pneumonia or brain damage.

Update: Doctors have decided to leave him in the induced coma until Friday to let the swelling go down. Pray he wakes up with a clear mind and knows his family.
Ben and Landon 2 weeks ago

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HelenClyde said...

This is so sad. What a complete tragedy for everyone involved. I´m thinking about you and hoping everything turns out fine.

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