Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Fall Weekend in Pictures

I was finally able to get out of the house for the first time in 2 weeks. This is my absolute favorite weather and it was nice getting the kids out! We did our usual and went up the road to the Avenue where we just strolled around and Madison had a blast playing in the fountains. This was Landon's first outing but he slept through it!

We also hit up Baby Gap. They had an awesome sale going, and since Grandmommy has a gap card, got stuff for even cheaper! Where else can you get such cute stuff for $3? Maddie had fun playing IN the clothes.

Later we met my parents and did some more shopping. They bought us a double stroller which I am super pumped about! Now I can go walking and get them out by myself. Thanks Mom & Dad!
Daddy and Maddie made a Halloween funfetti cake together. It was fun with her actually "helping."


Landon wasn't as involved, but he did a lot of stretching and got in his swing for the first time.

He has also started the funny faces. Can you guess what he's doing here? I'll give you a hint: he only eats, sleeps, and poops. And he's not eating or sleeping. I think it's kind of cute that he goes cross-eyed when he's really concentrating on it...I guess only a momma can think that's cute.

As far as eating goes, it's his favorite pastime. About 2 weeks ago he was around 7 and a half pounds. Now he's just under 10 pounds. Oink oink! He's helped me lose half my baby weight so far, so keep on eating, boy!

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