Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almost 6 Weeks

I apologize for the lack of posts lately-it seems whenever I get a chance to sit down and relax one or both kids is demanding attention! I usually try at naptime or bedtime but those are my only chances to eat, shower, or nap!

Landon is almost 6 weeks old now. He's smiling more and more everyday and is 12 pounds. I find it funny that there's only about 10 pounds between him and Madison. I know he has the potential to sleep through the night, because he ate at 7 something last night and didn't wake up to eat again until 3am! So I know he can at least go about 7 hours! We just have to get the timing right. He's usually up every 3 hours up until last night. Madison was sleeping a good 8 hours through the night when she was 8 weeks old, so I'm hoping for the same, even though I know every kid is different!

He loves his baths like Maddie did, and also demands to be held like she did. He can fall asleep in your arms but knows when you set him down! He's also very picky about being held upright, he likes to look around...sounds like big sister too. He had lost some hair (like a receding hairline) but I can see some fuzz growing back already!

Madison walks around knowing that when Landon is sleeping she needs to be quiet, and puts her finger over her mouth and goes "Shhh." I had to teach her that because she would run through the house (and next to his ear) screaming, or should I say shrieking. Ugh. She got her daddy's big mouth :) She's become such a little mommy too. Sometimes I find her burping her teddy bears or patting Landon's back to help burp him. She likes to steal and wear my nursing cover and one time I saw her "nursing" her teddy bear...good grief! At her last check up, the pediatrician thought it would be a good idea to get her in a little preschool class twice a week, like a Mother's Morning Out that a lot of churches do. Our church doesn't do that unfortunately (only MOPS, which is twice a month) but I did find some local Baptist churches in the area that have a weekday preschool. The pediatrician actually recommended one but there is a waiting list which she's being put on. It's less than 10 minutes away and has 2 teachers for 8 students, twice a week from 9am-1pm. I definitely think Madison would have a blast because she LOVES going to the church nursery on Sundays. It would be more of a regular schedule for her and she would get to have fun playing with other kids her age during the week, as well as doing different things and playing games. I wanted her in a church because that way she gets to learn about Jesus not only on Sundays but during the week too. Plus, with a new baby in the house it gives me a couple hours a week to tend to him and myself-and it's hard taking her out to play with a newborn too. So I'm pretty excited, just don't know when a spot will be available. I want her to be able to get out of the house and play during these cold winter mornings that are coming!

Now that it's been almost 6 weeks I went back for my check up yesterday. It's so nice knowing that I can do what I want now, because I definitely need to start exercising if I can find the time! I still have 16 pounds to lose and it's killing me! My maternity clothes are huge on me but I can't wear all of my regular clothes frustrating!

Anyways check out the post below, I put up some long overdue pictures and videos for today!

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