Monday, September 20, 2010

Update on Landon

I'll try to update later on the birth story and Madison's 18 month update, but I don't have much time lately!
Today we had Landon's first dr. appointment. Instead of the usual 1 week appointment, we had to go today at 4 days old because in the hospital he was borderline jaundiced. His check-up went great, our pediatrician said he looks a little jaundiced now but because he is doing so great and eating so well not to worry about it. He wasn't weighed when we left the hospital but I tried to weigh him when we got home and he was around 7 1/2 pounds. Today he weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and his little cone head shrunk some, so he is now 19 inches long. After talking with family and friends and nurses, and doing some research, we decided last minute not to have Landon circumcised. It was nice to hear our pediatrician say we did the right thing, to leave him the way God made them. (Here's a good Biblical view) He said there is no medical reason to have it done, he doesn't recommend it, and I know the AAP does not recommend it. There's no extra cleaning or special care so it's one less thing to worry about! I really love our pediatrician, although I'm surprised he said that (he's usually very open to things). Afterward he reminded us that with 2 kids things may get tough. He said to remember and keep God #1 priority, Marriage #2, and Kids #3. Gotta love a strong Christian pediatrician, makes things that much easier! We go back Friday to check up on Landon and see how he's doing for his 1 week appointment.

Landon is done eating colostrum and started getting all milk yesterday. He is a champ at nursing and snorts when he eats! We are done with meconium diapers and are on to the nice normal breastmilk diapers. He likes to stay up all night and eat, so I'm trying to get naps in during the day. My mom has been awesome coming over every day and helping out until we get adjusted, and Brad has been awesome in helping with Madison too. He is a wonderful Daddy! We're having family, friends, and friends from Sunday School bringing us meals each night so that has been nice! We are SO in love and so happy to be a family of 4!

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