Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I'm still here. I'm still pregnant. I feel like I've been pregnant forever. Anyways I'm finally at peace with it. With the fact that Landon didn't come early. What's a few more days gonna hurt? I realize now that God knew all along I needed the extra time to get things done, as well as prepare myself in other ways. He's good like that, I'm so glad He is in charge and not me. I cleaned the entire house like a crazy woman yesterday. I wouldn't really call it nesting, but more of an induced nesting. I seriously have never spent the ENTIRE day cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing things. Good grief. It's a lot more work getting ready for a baby when you have a toddler running around. Especially one who has decided that just 1, hour-long nap a day will do and refuses to sleep in her room. (She still goes down easy in her room at night though, thank goodness!) The past few days, the living room has been the nap time place:
She also thinks she has to go up and down the stairs by herself, no one touching her. Standing up, holding onto the rail alone. She thinks she's big stuff. She says "please" and "thank you" all day without having to be told to do so. In other words, she's very demanding all day but is at least polite about it!

Tomorrow is our 40 week appointment and ultrasound. I'm excited to see the little guy tomorrow and maybe see how much they think he weighs. I'm sure we'll go ahead and set a date of when I'll be induced, too. I talked to my midwife on facebook last week and found out I could have actually set a date to be induced once I hit 39 weeks, because I've had a baby before. I guess inductions are more successful on 2nd labors or something. Although with Madison I went from 2 cm to 10 cm in only 2 hours...I'm kinda scared as to how fast this one may go. Then again, it could be the opposite. You just never know. I really don't want to be induced, though. I was hoping to see how it went naturally. They won't let me go past 41 weeks, so I'm sure it will be sometime this week when I can finally get my hands on my sweet little boy. I was having some major pain in Sunday School this morning. It was really hurting when he moved, but it helped for me to get up and walk around. Now things are a bit more calm. We'll be back at church here soon for tonight's service and at least the hospital is only about 5 minutes away.

Today is also Grandparents' Day. My mom reminded me that it would be nice to give her a grandson today...that would be pretty cool. Anyways Happy Grandparents' Day Grandmommy and Lito! We'll see you again tonight. Thanks for all you guys do for me and Brad. I've learned even more since having kids how important it is to surround yourselves with people who are good influences and set good examples for your children. Madison and Landon are so blessed to have you.

We had a family get together this weekend for my grandmother's birthday. It was fun and Madison was crazy. I think she got a sugar high off of the cake and ice cream. I've never seen her run around screaming and flailing her arms so much. She now also opens doors-literally turns the knob and runs outside. Everywhere we go, we now have to lock the dead bolt. She got outside twice at my grandparents' house. She can also lock them. Great. She also said "Papa" several times for Grandpapa (her great-grandfather). So cute, I know he was thrilled! Anyways we had fun with the family as usual, you can read about Madison's obsession with their "ball" here on my mom's blog. It's too funny.

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