Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Landon's Birth Story

Thursday morning I was scheduled to be induced and had to call the hospital at 6 am to see when I could come in. Brad had me up at 4:45 am getting ready...he was excited! I called the hospital and there was someone in front of me, plus some others being delivered. I had to wait on their phonecall. My mom went ahead and came over to watch Madison while my grandparents could get here to babysit, so she could then leave and meet us there. We took on off around 8 am to go eat some Martin's for breakfast but got a call within a few minutes of leaving, telling us to come on in at 8:30. We stopped by McDonald's instead since it was closest and ate breakfast in the car on the way. We had to fight a little traffic since it was rush hour going into Marietta. No fun when you're so anxious and about to be induced! We got to the hospital, got checked in, and I got my IV in and set up. They started me on Pitocin to start contractions at 9:25 am. At that point I was still 2 cm dilated.

Finally at 1 pm I got to see my midwife Michele. She came and checked me and I was still at 2 cm, so they turned up the Pitocin and she broke my water. The contractions got really strong and I was hoping to not have to get an epidural, but my back labor started like it did with Madison. I labored for a few more hours and tried sitting on the birthing ball, which helped some but then the Pitocin got to me. At 3pm I was only at 3cm so I went ahead and got the epidural (which took FOREVER to them to come give it to me!) I felt better for a little while. At 5:45pm I was at 5 cm. I started getting some really bad pain in my lower right side. They turned up my epidural which helped for a few minutes, but it got bad again. They checked me and I was still only 5 cm at 8:15pm. They turned it up again a little while later but I was still in excruciating pain in that one spot that I had sweat dripping down me and was shaking a lot, even though I was freezing everyone out in my room with the air conditioning! I was so numb at this point all over except the one spot, that I was thinking the only option left was a c-section, especially since I hadn't progressed. Finally they just turned off my Pitocin (which they had turned up again recently) and the pain stopped. My midwife Michele came back in at 9:15pm, saw blood, and said "Oh!" She checked me, and Landon's head was right there. She said the words I had been waiting to hear for almost 12 hours: Time to push!! No wonder I had so much pain. I was amazed that I had gone from 5 cm to 10 cm in just 1 hour.

After about 10 minutes of trying to use the new beds and getting the stirrups up, all the nurses finally got it ready for me to start pushing at 9:25pm. I pushed once and you could see his head of dark hair! I could not feel anything to push or any contractions. They were very irregular at this point as I was off the Pitocin but still having some. After a few pushes, Michele saw a little more of his head and guessed that he would be 8 lbs, 1 oz. Brad guessed 8 lbs. 4 oz. After 20 minutes of pushing, Landon Jacob Evans was born at 9:45 pm September 16 after 12 hours of induced labor. He was 20 inches long and weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. just like Michele had predicted!

Overall, it was a long day but a pretty good experience. We were very surprised that he had dark hair and darker skin, especially compared to Madison! I got to hold him immediately and then after they checked him. He started nursing great immediately and has been a perfect little angel since!
Michele, my midwife

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