Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bloggin' From the Hospital

Alright, Blogging from the hospital. It has been a long day for me, so I can imagine how long it has been for my sweet baby momma! :) We woke up at 4:45 so we could get to the hospital at 6 just in case they told us to come on. We called at 6 and they said they would have to call us back because one was in front of us. We left to go get some breakfast and they called just before 8am. We picked up some McDonalds and ate on the way. They started Pitocin at 9:30am and the midwife Michelle broke her water at 1pm. So she has progressed from a 2cm 1pm to 5cm at 5:45pm. Currently it is 8:15pm and she is still a 5cm. The nurse changed Erin's position to get her on her side in hopes this will speed things up.

That is all for now. For more updates, check my facebook page...Erin is resting and in a little bit of pain, but she is trying to sleep while she can.

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