Saturday, September 4, 2010

38 Week Belly and Beautiful Day

I know I've already blogged plenty today, but I'm a little late taking my 38 week belly picture, and it's more like 39 since that's only 2 days away-Labor Day. But oh well, here it is. Yes, that is a maternity shirt, and no, most of my maternity shirts don't even cover my belly anymore. Not even my big t-shirts I wore with Madison at almost 40 weeks. I REALLY can't wait to be in normal clothes again!
We had a beautiful day today here and took Madison to the park. She played on the playground all by herself (with us close by) going up the steps and down the big slides by herself over and over again. She chased the older boys and giggled and went to see the ducks and fish in the lake. After, we took her to eat, then came home and she started doing real forward somersaults on the floor. Crazy kid. All I could do was worry about her neck! We spent the rest of the nice day napping and then outside on the driveway with some sidewalk chalk Grandmommy bought for her awhile back. I have been waiting for cooler weather to be able to go play outside and do that for awhile! I think Brad had just as much, if not more fun than Madison drawing...Anyways it was a great evening with the windows open, my fall candle lit, and my wonderful hubby who cooked supper for us!

Also-I know most people know by now, but Brad decided he wanted Landon's middle name to be Jacob instead of Michael. I liked the idea of doing our middle names (since Madison has mine) but Brad doesn't like his enough, and has always wanted a Jacob! So Landon Jacob Evans will be joining us soon!

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