Monday, September 27, 2010

18 Months

Madison turned 18 months old 3 days after Landon was born. She has been such a wonderful big sister. She absolutely adores him and always wants to see, hold, kiss, and fistbump Landon...Daddy of course taught her that. She is amazingly gentle with him and will put her finger over her mouth and say "shhh" when we tell her he's sleeping. She likes to help out and take Landon's diapers to the trash for me and bring me his clothes, blankets, etc. She will now ask not just for Mommy and Daddy, but "Baba" too. Landon is officially part of her family, like he's always been there!
She doesn't have her 18 month check up until she is actually 19 months in October, because we waited to schedule it with Landon but then couldn't get her in at the time. She says so many new words a day I've lost count and couldn't even write them all down. All you have to do is say a new word and she'll repeat it like it's nothing. She feeds herself with a fork or spoon with no help, brushes her own teeth, and loves to dance, sing, and copy people.

She is such a joy and is so much fun to play with. She has such a personality and is so sweet and affectionate. She loves to give us hugs and kisses for no reason at all still. She seems so much bigger to me now that her baby brother is here. She looks and acts bigger but is still our baby girl! I have to admit, like most mothers probably are, I was worried how I would take care of 2 kids in such different stages and love them both the same--but I have so much love for both of them and wouldn't change a thing! I love our little family and am so blessed to have such a sweet, thoughtful, wonderful husband, energetic and affectionate daughter, and snuggly and EASY newborn son!!

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