Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Weekend

Grandmommy's girl!
We had a very busy, but fun weekend. Friday my mom and I went shopping at Baby Gap. I absolutely LOVE their clothes. (Definitely isn't a Walmart!) They're expensive, but the clothes are cute at least. It's rare I would buy anything there because of the prices, but my mom was sweet and got Landon his clothes for pictures/going home from the hospital. They also had some cute fall clothes out for toddler girls. I could have gone crazy if I had any money! Anyways I walked around a lot and had a lot of pain and contractions, but nothing serious. Oh well. The shopping was fun.

Saturday we headed off to Cartersville for a good friend's wedding. Madison was good, just wanted to run all over the place at the reception. She wears Grandmommy and I out, and usually Lito is there to babysit and walk her around outside. He wasn't there, so we had to pass her around all the people we were with from church. She loves Mr. David. I guess she knows a grandfather when she sees one. He usually takes her on Sunday morning to her nursery class so she knows him pretty well.
Later it got to be past her bedtime, and she hasn't been taking her second nap lately. So of course she passed out on David for awhile!
I'm not posting any pictures of me even though I know they're on facebook. I'm just feeling too fat these days...although I know I never took my 37 week belly picture..oops. I'll try to for 38 weeks now.
Anyways while we were at the wedding, Brad was working a Kirk Cameron marriage conference at our church. He put in a 14 hour day! My mom was sweet to help me put Madison in bed late Saturday night because I am just exhausted with my pregnant self.

Then Sunday morning Kirk Cameron preached which was awesome. (I didn't realize he has 6 kids-ages 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 7-whoah!) It's also amazing to think that he was an Atheist growing up. He gave his testimony about accepting Christ. Warren Barfield, who you've probably heard on the radio if you listen to Christian music was there also. Very funny guy too. Of course the church was packed out with visitors. I love events that get people in church. I know some people think us Christians that go to church each Sunday are "self-righteous fools" but if there is anywhere a sinner should be (which is ALL of us), it should be in church every week. Sometimes I wonder if people who don't go think they're too good for it or God? Anyways here's a good article on that (since lately we've been criticized for it-sad when its people close to you.) All we can do is pray for people like this and try to be a good influence. Going to church definitely doesn't make you a Christian or save you, but as a Christian it is our duty to obey God, like Hebrews 10:25 says.
I like a quote my mom had up the other day after discussing it:

"The duty of the church is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." ~Ramsey

Anyways, that's all food for thought. I like to be able to come blog all my thoughts out since it's been weighing on my mind lately. And frankly, I'm getting tired of it! I'm looking forward to my doctor appointment today, hopefully going to be able to have a membrane sweep. Brad wants to go to Scalini's for an early supper and hopefully those eggplant parmigiana enzymes will help move things along! (I really don't know if there's anything that works in it, but hey, worth a try! My water leaked the next morning with Madison after eating it.) Well I thought for sure several times this weekend I would have had him...but I guess he was just teasing me. Oh well, he will come out eventually!! I'm trying to be optimistic here :)

Ps-Can I just say how awesome my parents are? They surprised us with a new diaper genie since ours broke and the old one STINKS! Thanks Mom and Dad for being so thoughtful :) Somehow you already have your grandson spoiled! Now if he would just hurry up and get here!

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