Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Girl Bed, etc.

We ran into a dilemma about whether or not we wanted to buy another crib for Landon and leave Madison in hers, or just leave the crib for Landon and buy Madison a toddler bed (so much cheaper than a crib-can get one for under $60). We decided to test her in her crib which converted to a toddler bed at first. She's been in it for a few weeks now and did great. It didn't seem to be any different for her:
We went ahead and bought her a big girl toddler bed and she slept in it for the first time last night. It looks like it takes up so much less room than the crib did, but I think it's just because its lower to the ground. Her crib mattress fits it so that was nice to keep her on the same mattress at least. Our Sunday School teachers gave us another mattress for Landon so we don't have to worry about that either! Here's her new big girl bed that she loves playing on with her babies.
Now we're just having to teach her that we don't stand on the bed or jump on it like she did in her crib...

Madison also got a new table and chairs from Grandmommy and Lito. One of her favorite things to do is color, so now she has her own table to sit at with little pink and purple bins to put her markers, crayons, and coloring books in. Daddy finished putting it together last night and this morning before breakfast, she couldn't wait to sit down and start coloring.
 Finally I took it up to her room where it's going to stay and she had a blast. It has cute little hearts cut out in the chairs and table and 4 bins to put things in.
She also decided to get her tea set out on her own, and started pouring tea and playing. She put her big teddy bear in the other chair and pretended to feed it some tea. She has such an imagination already! I can't wait until she makes Daddy have a tea party with her and her stuffed animals, too :)
So thanks very much Mom and Dad for spoiling your granddaughter! What are grandparents for, right?
We still have a good bit of stuff to get for Landon, so my mom and I are planning on going shopping soon for some stuff we still need off our registry. The two biggest items we need are the double stroller and another video monitor. I think Grandmommy is buying us the double stroller, so that will be wonderful!

Well here is part of Landon's room. We're gradually getting it ready, but there's not too much we have to do thank goodness!
Once we get the rest of his room done, I will post some more pictures. Only 5 (or less) weeks left!

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