Monday, August 2, 2010

34 Weeks

Today was my 34 week check up. Nothing new to report. Landon's heart beat was good, my blood pressure was 112/60, I've gained 26 pounds total and I'm measuring right on time still. Starting next time (36 weeks) I will be going every single week. I can't believe we're almost to weekly appointments. We'll just see if I make it that long! I've been having plenty of people look at my belly and tell me that I'm not going to make it another 6 weeks...ha! I would like to make it 3 or 4 more weeks, but after that I am ready anytime! Of course, watch me go 40.5 weeks...

In Madison's news, yesterday was promotion Sunday. She was promoted up to her new Sunday School class, the older 1 year olds. She gets to play with Mr. Allen now (who, even though she doesn't know it, she is related to!) My mom requested to work with the bed babies (newborns) so that means she will have Landon with her every other Sunday which I know she is excited about (and I am too!) My mom peeked in on Madison in her new room and said she was having a blast in there with all the new toys, cars to ride in, puzzles and friends. She came out happy and hyper so I know she had fun.

We have a baby shower this weekend for 3 of us 5 cousins, who from September through December, are 5 for 5, ALL having BOYS! Just found out today the last one is another boy. I'm SO looking forward to the triple shower this weekend! Might be chaotic, but fun! I'm seeing lots of blue...

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