Thursday, August 19, 2010

17 Months

Madison is 17 months old today. She's still into everything and will climb just about anything: the couches, fireplace, tv stand, chairs, kitchen table, etc. She can also reach and open up the drawers in the kitchen and pull things out. She loves to go up and down stairs standing up by herself on the playground, and is still very much a tomboy. She has quite a kick but an arm that can throw pretty hard too. She's still in 18 month clothes, tall and lean. I guess she will be our little supermodel type since she still weighs the same as she did at 11 months old (21 pounds). Somehow she still has rolls, though. She doesn't like to eat much, and runs around like crazy with tons of energy. When she does eat, she prefers the healthiest thing we offer. Hence the whole fruits shes been eating practically since she started solids!
She loves to brush her own teeth, take off her clothes and diaper, and drink out of a cup. She still uses the potty, we just haven't really started real potty training but will be soon. She has become even more affectionate lately and spends a lot of time hugging and kissing us, and will come up to us and kiss us for no reason at all. I love it! She loves to dance and imitate people dancing on TV...she will copy their exact moves which is pretty funny to watch. She especially loves "If You're Happy and You Know It" clapping and stomping. She loves talking to Daddy on the phone, always yells "Hi!" when I'm on the phone, and somehow figured out how to unlock my iPhone to start playing with it. She loves when Daddy gets home and sometimes asks for Daddy before he gets off work. It's hard telling her that he'll be home later, especially when she asks "please" to see him. She definitely thinks she can get her way with ANYTHING if she says the word please!

I can't remember all the new words she says everyday and forget to write them down, but here are some I remember from this past month:
Ga-mommy (for Grandmommy), downstairs, Ilya (thanks Brad), up, down, sticker, chair, highchair, blanket, Landon, sticky, ear, tiger, blanket, turtle, icky, diaper, back, orange, turkey, cheese, trash, boo boo
She's saying a few short sentences too, like "up, please," "thank you" and "all done." She can also say the beginning of  "I love you."

She loves to talk in gibberish in addition to her words...for some reason she thinks she has to be constantly making noise.

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