Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I don't really have any decent new pictures for today, so here's one from the other day: she just looks like a little squeezable baby doll. Not great quality from my phone, but it will have to do.

Today hasn't been the best of days, actually this week has been a little rough. First of all, Madison was happy but for some reason was really clumsy today. We had 3 forehead injuries just today, tripping and hitting tables hard. Poor thing already had 1 from the other day, so we now have a very colorful forehead of bruises. So I took her to Dunkin' Donuts after lunch, got my free iced hazelnut latte since it's my birthday month (yum) and we shared a donut and walked around and shopped at the Avenue. We had our girl time. (I figure I need to take advantage of the ease I have of taking 1 kid out to do things before I end up with a 1 year old toddler and newborn out by myself!)

Second, today I've just got that pregnancy "feeling." I don't know how to describe it, but I sure am looking forward to having this kid. I'm pretty sure I had a few Braxton Hicks contractions and I was also cramping a lot and very uncomfortable. It's just now starting to settle down. Landon has been so low for weeks and puts so much pressure on me that I feel like he will deliver himself...haha. Sorry if that's TMI. Anyways no other symptoms, except he is going nuts in there. It feels like he's so much bigger than my belly can hold and he is about to bust out! He has been SOOO active today, and actually has been the past few days. Oddly enough, I looked it up and apparently 32 weeks is that magic week that his movements peak. So he should be calming down now at least a little bit before he's born! I don't really remember this with Madison, but I also didn't even know I was having contractions with her when I was in labor. So anyways I'm going to bed soon, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for everyone! :)

Also, for a little fun I added a new poll-guess when Landon will arrive? I did that with Madison and it was interesting to see people's answers. I think most were wrong though since she came right on her due date :)
It's up to the right and underneath followers.

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{ang} said...

Poor girl, I'm sorry you're feeling "pregnant". :( It won't be that much longer until he's here! Funny, Baby Goins has been so active today and I was just telling Ben as much as I love it now I have to wonder what it will be like when he/she is this active but much bigger, so your post made me giggle! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

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