Saturday, July 3, 2010

Start of July 4th Weekend

We have a busy weekend planned, so today we decided to relax at the pool with the grandparents. Maddie is feeling better except for her runny nose and still a little cough, and I'm still pretty sick feeling but not too bad. It's important we make it to church tomorrow morning since I have to miss Sunday School and help out in the nursery with my mom. I guess I can't leave her stranded with Maddie and the other 1 year olds! We also have our big July 4th/Patriotic program at 11, which should be great! It always is. They're also providing a church-wide lunch. I can't imagine a better way to spend July 4th than at church. I thank God for our country and freedoms, as well as for our soldiers. One we are praying for now is a guy I grew up with in Sunday School. He has been injured in Afghanistan, is in a coma, and his wife and parents are on their way to Germany to be with him. Please keep Jacob in your prayers.

Later on for fireworks we'll probably do the P-town thing. My parents always go each year, and this year some extended family is coming in to join us. We'll celebrate again with them on Monday for my grandfather's 76th birthday! I also have my 30 week doctor appointment Monday so I'll update then. I can't believe we're almost at 30 weeks! Time flies with a second pregnancy.

Having a blast in the pool (kept her hat on for 2 hours!)
(and excuse the fact that I already look like a beached whale, and I'm wearing my "bug-eye" sunglasses as Brad calls them-they're the only ones big enough that I don't have to squint)

Drinking some of Grandmommy's lemonade

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