Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sick...But Still Happy!

Poor Madison had gotten pink eye last week, but luckily we got some (free!) eye drops since we were already going to her doctor appointment. The drops cleared it up within a day or so, but now this week she has come down with a cold or something. Constantly running nose, nasty juicy cough, and a fever of over 101. I decided to put her on some Tylenol and Triaminic and her fever finally broke yesterday morning. I was of course up checking on her at 4 am to make sure she wasn't burning up, but then she was up for good at 5:50am...ever try to get your kid back to sleep and they just won't go? Oh well, we had a good half hour of cuddle time, just resting on me before Daddy got up. She was so much happier and acting normal. I've been wiping her poor little nose though that she is even wiping it herself, especially when she sneezes. I took her and got her some Chick-fil-A goodness for lunch, but of course she barely ate anything. Some lemonade maybe helped her though.

Today she decided to get up at 5:15am...oh kill me!! I am NOT a morning person. I couldn't go back to sleep after Brad got up with her because she got me sick too. I have a bad sore throat, swollen glands and stuffy nose. So we decided to go to Martin's at 6:30 in the morning, with all the little old men :) Madison of course didn't eat anything as usual, but Landon enjoyed his large chicken biscuit from what I could tell. Then we walked around Wal-Mart because it sounded like fun. We came home, she didn't even sleep an hour, so thankfully my mom came and rescued me while Brad napped (he had a furlough day off from work.) Later my parents fed us some Stouffer's lasagna which made everything much better :)

Anyways I'm exhausted and will be going to bed soon. Landon has been misbehaving as well. I don't know if he's just big and strong or what, but he kicks so hard it hurts sometimes..then sticks his feet way up in me until I can't breathe, then later drops down onto my bladder. Madison was much nicer to me!

Anyways here's a video of her playing (yes she's sick but doesn't act like it). I apologize that it's kinda long and boring, but I just thought it was funny. She has new thing where she puts her arms behind her and takes a bunch of quick baby steps before she runs, like she's taking off. Crazy kid.

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The DeMar Family said...

I don't know what it is about boys but they are rough and tumble! Paul was the same way. I'm sorry the two of you weren't feeling well!

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