Friday, July 30, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Share Your Testimony

On Fridays, Kelly from Kelly's Korner Blog does "Show Us Your Life." (love reading her blog-she has an adorable 18 month old little girl) Today's is about sharing your testimony. So here's mine:

I was very fortunate to be raised in a Christian home. I have some wonderful, godly parents who always took me to church whether I wanted to or not (and I am so thankful for that looking back on it!) I grew up as an MK (missionary kid) or preacher's kid, whichever. When living in Guatemala, when I was 6 years old I talked to my mom about praying to receive Christ. She called my dad in my room along with my brother and I was saved that night, January 27, 1993. I still remember that night very vividly. A few years later I had the honor of my own dad baptizing me before we came back to the States.

In middle school, I hit some rough spots. I guess you could call those my somewhat "rebellious" years. I never did anything too bad, but my overall attitude and attitude towards my parents needed a big change. I guess I wanted to be more like everyone and be more involved in secular things instead of godly things. In 7th grade I went to church camp like I did every year. I'm so thankful my parents always saved money for me to go each year, church camp being one of the more important things in life. That is the year I felt closer to God and in a way rededicated my life to Him. Our student minister (one of the brothers who produced the movies "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof"-awesome guys!) encouraged us to get rid of anything in our way of God. I got rid of all my secular music/CD's and had somewhat of an attitude adjustment. Now I mostly listen to Christian music and it really helps keeps my mind on what's important.

Years later in high school I met Brad. It was a blind meeting, set up by some friends. We went on our first date and I fell for him immediately, but I was disappointed when he answered no when I asked if he went to church anywhere. I didn't date anyone who didn't attend church each Sunday. I told him that and he was actually very open to going with me. He said he had always wanted to go to church but no one ever took him. By the time he was old enough to go by himself, he felt it would be too awkward alone. He did tell me he became a Christian in elementary school so that is what was most important. He started going every Sunday with me. Years later, we are still a part of my home church where I grew up and where all my family has been for close to 40 years. We are part of an amazing Sunday School class with some godly people who love us and take care of us (and bring us week's worth of meals after we have babies!) We are so blessed to call our church friends "family" because that is what they are. Brad is now a volunteer running the soundboard every Sunday morning and night, as well as other outside events. I have the privilege to volunteer in the nursery every few weeks on a rotation. I love serving our Lord and would feel like I wasn't doing enough in life if I didn't. We are raising our children in church each Sunday as well. It is our practically home away from home. I want our kids to have that support and love from so many other believers like I have. Madison already has so many people that love her there and I'm sure Landon will too! The nursery workers are already waiting to play and love on him!

So that is my testimony and I am so thankful that God saved me. I hope you have a day that God saved you too!


Rebecca said...

I loved this post, Erin. I like hearing you express your own love and experience with Jesus! (not just passed down from us). Thank you!
Love, Mom

Amy said...

You have such a beautiful little girl! You are blessed and your faith is inspiring! I would like to hear more about your missions sometime I am sure they are just as inspiring! Love your Blog!

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