Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Video Night

We had a long day of driving, so we just chilled some tonight. I enjoyed the day and time with Brad but I also missed my girl! My parents must have gotten her hyped up or something because she was non-stop right up until bedtime. Here's Daddy trying to keep her still...instead of running around getting into stuff constantly. He's watching some hockey he had DVR'd awhile back so Maddie decided to watch too. You probably won't care to watch the whole thing but maybe some will find it entertaining. I always do, but then again she's my kid :)


Rebecca said...

So....could it have been the brownies and vanilla coke zero I fed her this afternoon...:)heehee.

Kathleen said...

Erin, I was at church yesterday and saw you and Madison out of the corner or my eye but I was talking to someone and then when I was done and turned around yall were gone! :( Hope to get to see ya soon!!!!

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