Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Update

I don't have a cute update right now or anything since we're still a bit under the weather over least I am! A cold that turned into a major sinus infection and pink eye is no fun! Gradually getting better though, thank the Lord. I will be happy when I can taste, smell, and hear again. Not to mention quit blowing my nose every 10 minutes! Well tomorrow my good friend Hannah who was one of my bridesmaids is getting married in Dahlonega. I'm so excited for her! Since it's a longer drive, just me and the hubby are going. We're making a date of it, so I'm looking forward to some alone time with him.

Madison is doing much better, her nose is still a little runny but that's all. She discovered how to tickle us tonight, though. She uses her fingers on our legs, arms, and feet and (attempts) to say "tickle tickle tickle" then starts laughing. She is too cute.

My mom at least has a cute update about Madison on her blog, about her personality these days. Head on over to it HERE!

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