Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks on the Square

We went to Powder Springs this year for fireworks. They're nothing compared to Lenox, but we figured it'd be easier with Madison to stay close to home. We met my family down there and camped out for awhile. It was nice and relaxing and was fun seeing some old friends. The fireworks didn't actually start until 10pm, several hours after someone's bedtime! However, Madison really impressed me with how good she did. She enjoyed some blue italian ice (see tongue picture) and a little bit of funnel cake. Once the fireworks started, she just watched them and every once in awhile would say "ball" because that's what Daddy told her they were...ha. She never got scared or anything! So proud of her. Because it was so late though, she finally fell asleep about halfway through them.

Watching with Daddy

Watching with Mommy

With her great-grandfather who she adores

Miss Patriotic

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