Thursday, July 29, 2010

33 Weeks


(Excuse the awkward squatting so she could reach and random bathing suits/towels in the background)

I'm a few days late, but I'm trying to do better about the belly pictures. Right now I just feel huge. I'm thinking I may not make it to my due date this time...but who knows. Landon is super low, more than Madison ever was. So we'll see! I'm getting very excited thinking about I have only about 7 weeks maximum to go! As you can tell, Madison is excited too. She points to my belly and wants to touch it and kiss it all day long, saying "Baby" or "Landon" (well, it's close to sounding like Landon-she tries).

Today is also my birthday. I had a good, relaxing day with my girl and made some cheesecake brownies for myself! My parents bought us some yummy dinner at Longhorn and me and Maddie shared my free birthday dessert (when she wasn't climbing all over my mom in the booth.) Tomorrow we're having all my family over for supper and cake. Brad is always so sweet to cook for everyone and throw me a party. Thanks honey! (and thanks Mom, for a very sweet post for me today on your blog!)

I should definitely be updating again by Monday (if not sooner), which is when we have our 34 week check up.

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