Tuesday, July 6, 2010

30 Weeks

I had my 30 week check up yesterday. I still can't believe I'm already there. Everything went great and Landon's heartbeat was good. I was excited because I didn't gain any weight which was a first for me! (well, ok so it was close to a pound but the nurse put 0 anyways) I did grow 2 cm in my belly to measure exactly at 30 weeks, so obviously that grew at least. It makes up for last time I went, when I gained quite a few pounds in just 2 weeks. I'm guessing I hardly gained because I've been so sick. My cold (that Maddie gave me) has turned into Sinusitis. First time I've ever had it, and man it is miserable. I can't breathe, smell, or taste and my whole face, head, and neck hurt like crazy. Stinks not being able to take much medicine being pregnant...but Maddie seems to be better. Her nose is still running a lot with a little cough, but overall she's happy. Just hope we can make it through the day without me falling asleep!

So anyways we're on the 10 week countdown! (give or take a little) Can't wait to get my hands on our little man!

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