Sunday, July 18, 2010

16 Months Old and 32 Weeks Pregnant

She is 16 months old today. Pretty soon she will be almost 18 months and a big sister! She finally has enough hair to put a little "sprout" up and put bows in (the hard part is keeping her from pulling them out!) She loves to tickle people, kiss and hug people (makes a kissy noise when she kisses), and loves imaginary play with her babies. She feeds them, puts them in her baby stroller and makes them dance along the table or ground. She likes walking on her tip toes like a little ballet dancer and spins around in circles until she falls over. She loves dipping her food (mainly chicken nuggets) in ketchup, still loves eating peas and beans, and asks for a cookie pretty much every day. She loves giving high fives and Daddy taught her how to fist bump. She likes to point out her boo boos although she rarely cries when she gets hurt. She loves to hold our hands whenever we're walking somewhere and walk up the stairs. She likes to pick things up off the floor and put them in the trash can for me. She can almost snap, making the motion with her fingers, just no snapping sound yet. She also has a little dimple in her left cheek that my mom noticed when she smiles a certain way. I love it! She can be picky about which shoes and clothes she wants to wear but I usually have to chase her to dress her. It has become almost impossible to change her diaper without wrestling her. She is FULL of energy and never stops going all day until she crashes at bedtime. I can't even get a decent picture of her standing still...for example:

I think we're dealing with teething again by the looks of her diapers (several a day-ugh). I will be so happy to see the last 4 teeth (very back-2nd molars) come in. Seems like she hasn't gotten any in months.

New words this month:
Chocolate, dangerous, girl, shoes, out, hot, choo choo for train, graham cracker, cow, there, please, trash can, bellybutton, (all) gone gone, heart, ketchup, cookie, stinky, keys, egg

Brad said she has also said "brother" when looking at Landon's 3d pictures, and she also says a form of "tickle tickle" when she tickles us. She also does a pretty good job of saying "Keegan." It's amazing how many new words she keeps learning;, all I have to do is say a new word and she will repeat it. She loves talking all day, so she must get that from her Daddy!


Here we are at 32 weeks. I can't believe I'm due in only 8 weeks, and am considered full term in only 5 weeks! This has seriously been the fastest time in my life. I felt like just yesterday it was New Year's and Brad and I were staring at pregnancy tests in shock and wondering if we were really seeing a little pink line or not. Anyways this has been a super easy pregnancy and I've barely had any symptoms. I'm rarely uncomfortable, never been sick, and don't even feel pregnant besides the constant movement this little guy makes! I feel SO blessed as I know many pregnant women aren't that fortunate.

I had my 32 week check up today. Everything went well and was normal, blood pressure was 108/60, Landon's heartbeat was good, I'm measuring right at 32 weeks, and have gained a total of 23 pounds. I'm pretty pumped about that, since at this point with Madison I had gained 28 pounds. I'll go back in two weeks for the same stuff again.

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