Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potty Training 101

I received some good info. on successful potty training awhile ago, and although I don't think we're quite to that stage yet, we will be soon. Plus, this could be helpful for any other parents who are beginning to start potty training. The first is from Mckmama, and as a mother of 4 (almost 5) she's got some good advice and experience. Looks like she started potty training before her kids turned 2.
Heres the link.

The second is an article my mom found for me in the paper before Madison was born. I saved it, but instead of scanning it in, I found it online. Dr. Rosemond has some good advice, such as putting out several potties in the house and just letting your kid go naked. The key to potty training is the parents' attitude, but he also emphasized never to wait until a child turns 2 to start potty training. He says the ideal window to potty train is between 18-24 months. How many people have I heard say they aren't even going to think about it until age 2? I definitely don't want to miss the biggest window of opportunity!
Here's the link.

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