Saturday, June 19, 2010

15 Months Old Update

Happy 15 Month Birthday Madison!
She's not quite 15 months old yet in this picture, but close enough.

Maddie is just the sweetest little girl in the entire world still. No wonder we want more! She loves to give hugs and kisses all the time, even without being asked. She has a 15 month appointment next week for some shots. She is in 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diaper, and (itty bitty!) size 3-4 shoes. Sleeps from 8 or 8:30pm until 7:00-8:30am. Usually takes a little over 1 hour nap in the morning and another short nap in the afternoon, but lately has only been taking her morning nap if she gets up late! Too busy playing to sleep I guess. She's not a fan of eating and would rather play. It's hard to get any food down her at all. Her favorite thing to eat is mixed veggies (specifically peas). She's a very healthy eater and is staying very trim which is good I guess. She's hyper and just goes all day long, so I'm pretty exhausted every evening.

Her favorite things:
BALLS, doggies, ducks, her baby, bubbles, playing outside, coloring, being in a pool or bath (anything water), getting into my nail polish and trying on my shoes, watching her Praise Baby DVD every day, sitting on the couch, saying Hi to everyone, yummy PEAS (after all, they look like BALLS and are fun to pick up!)

She practically learns a new word every day but these are just the ones I remember.
New words she says:

hi, hey, yea, mama, daddy, byebye, duck, kitty, cat, doggy, baby, bubble, ball, teddy, hockey, thank you, mum mum, uh oh, vroom vroom (for car), muah, book, eye, byebye, light, up, bee, hat, bear, teddy, apple, star, belly, fish, bird, baseball, clock, car, cup butterfly.
She attempts a lot of others but can't pronounce all the syllables, but is close!
Animal sounds she makes when asked how it goes:
quack quack (for duck), meow (for cat), woof woof (for dog), tweet tweet (for bird), mooo (for cow), bzzzz (for bee), ssssss (for snake), baaaaa (for sheep), a-a-a-a (for goat), ah ah ah (for monkey), oink oink (for pig), neigh (for horse), ar ar (for seal), boc boc (for chicken), arm motion and noise for an elephant

-makes the indian noise with her hand over her mouth going "ahhh"
-points to hundreds of things in books/pictures when asked where they are.
-feeds herself with spoon (although messy and time-consuming)
-runs everywhere
-throws fits/stomps when she doesn't get what she wants
-climbs everything, but at least knows how to get off couches/beds feet first finally
-likes to help dress/undress herself, put on/take off own shoes
-in the middle of major separation anxiety-cries when I walk out of the room or when Grandmommy leaves. Doesn't do it to anyone else, but yet is fine when I leave her in the church nursery?
-flirts with the little baby boys out in public...uh oh
-in the throwing phase-throws HARD-we're working on not throwing things, especially at people
-uses left arm/hand to throw and eat...uses right some also, but not as much
-points to all her body parts when asked
-loves the song Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
-knows how to blow on her food if its hot
-is a daredevil-likes to stand up on the highest places she can and let go-then just stares at me when I tell her to get down...

She is using the potty pretty much every day now, including pooping in it. Last night we got home and before bed Daddy took her to the potty. She had a dry diaper but sat down on her potty and immediately went peepee!

We are going later on today to see Landon in and all the grandparents. Should be fun! Hopefully he will cooperate for us and show us what he looks like! I am sooo excited. I want to see this hyper little guy who never gives me a break and see if he looks like his big sister! Check back later and I'll try to post some pictures of our little man.

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